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You want to grow? So do we! With you!

We create a tailor-made strategy for you on the following basis:
What do I know about my costs and my cost structure?
What do I want to achieve?
What was succesful so far?
What wasnt? Why?
What are my strongest sales arguments?
What is (are) my target market(s)?
Are you known within them? Does your image match your benefits?
How do you reach them purposefully without divergence losses?
What do I know about my existing customers?
Is there a database? Do mailings make sense?
If so, for what purpose?
Who are my competitors?
How do I market my business presently and possibly in the future?
What is (are) my goal(s)? In what time frame?
Does my team pull its weight?
What partners are suitable for synergies and alliances?
What costs and results or outcome may I expect?

Services Offered
Consulting more...
Marketing Planning more...
Promotion and Customer Loyalty more...
Coordination more...
“ Highest degree of flexibility, effectiveness and coordination! ” - Pelham Lindfield Roberts, principal, International School of Hout Bay
“ Unbelievable! I never thought that targeted marketing planning and implementation can make such a difference. Today we stand on solid feet and have learned: A company without marketing is like a bird without wings.” - Martin Stoll, CEO of LOGO-TEAM Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Munich, Germany
“Marketing is so much more than ads. Finally somebody realised that fact. Thank you Ines!” -Mark Dittke, Environmental Attorney, Cape Town
“Remarkable impact and increase for our business. The sales support has been excellent!” -Terry Dickenson, owner, The River Club
“Expert knowledge, reliability, speed and accuracy. Money for value!” -Jens Reverchon, sales manager, Sanders South Africa
“Dear Ines: to the long road that we're travelling together. It's been superb so far and I couldn't ask for a more dedicated and passionate woman to be on my team.” -Justin Bonello, Cooked in Africa Films
By the way: With every contract we support the James House in Hout Bay, a children and youth house which cares for abused and neglected children